*La raccolta “The Silence of Dogs in Cars” è composta da 41 foto, per visionarle tutte via sul sito ufficiale di Martin Usborne

British artist Martin Usborne specialises in photographing animals, particularly dogs.
Martin, on his website, describes his interest in man’s relationship with animals. Although his imagery is sometimes dark, capturing the way we humans either silence, control or distance ourselves from other animals, his images strive for subtle humour.
His work is regularly featured in international magazines, he has published 4 books and has had solo and group exhibitions around the world, as well as at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

In 2014, he dedicated a series of particularly poignant shots to the forgotten pooches inside cars. The series, entitled The Silence of Dogs in Cars, shows animals whose gaze begs for the return of those who represent everything to them. None of the dogs photographed has been abandoned, but their expressions reveal the apprehension with which they live the wait. As well as provoking the viewer’s empathy for the animals, Martin Usborne wants to draw attention to the reality of abandonment. A reality that is often underestimated.

Abandonment is not only a voluntary act, in many cases, but it is also unconscious and is due to a mental blackout, called dissociative amnesia, which leads the owner to “forget” the presence of his pet in the car.
We at Digicom want to be close to you and your faithful friend, which is why we have designed PREEMIO: an anti-abandonment device for pets.
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