For years now, our furry friends have been considered by us as part of the family.
The sensitivity and treatment towards them have changed as much as our habits:
The pet sphere now enjoys much greater and more attentive care than before.
Given the high number of pets in our homes, it is not surprising that there is an official demand to bring them into the household. From an emotional point of view, this is already well established… but what about from a juridical point of view?
By law, animals are considered property. According to MP Michela Vittoria Brambilla, President and Founder of the Italian League for the Defence of Animals and the Environment (LEIDAA), it is important to provide for a series of tax benefits that are more substantial than those currently available to families.
The bill AC 86, signed by Ms Brambilla herself, provides that the family status can include animals registered in the relevant territorial registers. This means that people could enjoy certain benefits and work permits to take care of their furry friend. The measure should also support some expenses for food and tools to safeguard the health and well-being of your pet. This system should also combat abandonment and straying.
Unfortunately, not all opinions are in favour of the proposal, especially those who do not own a pet.
How about you? Do you agree with your four-legged friend joining the household? Do you think it is a fair compromise to meet the needs of Italian families?

Unfortunately, the proposal, presented on 23 March 2018, is still blocked, but the hope that it will be considered soon remains.
In the meantime, to take care of your furry friend, we recommend PREEMIO the DEVICE FOR HIS SAFETY! Remember… PETS ARE OUR FAMILY.

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